Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sportpalast/Berlin,Germany/January 23,1969

"Hey Joe" (very beginning cut)
"Spanish Castle Magic"
"Foxy Lady" (incomplete)
"Red House" (very beginning cut)
"Come On (pt.1)"
"Sunshine of Your Love" (very beginning cut)
"Purple Haze"


This tape begins immediately on the first chord of "Fire". A tiny drums/bass segment fills in while Jimi seems to deal with equipment problems.

After singing the "dragonfly" lyric in "Spanish Castle Magic" Jimi chooses to skip the words and play through to the guitar solo. Near the 5:00 mark Mitch jumps in with a solo. At the song's conclusion Noel asks the crowd to sit down.

A well-played 9:30 "Red House" comes later in the set. "Come On (pt.1)" starts immediately afterward. Jimi's vocal mic seems to cut out toward the end of this song.

A stand-alone "Purple Haze" wraps up the show. This is an above-average audience recording.

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