Friday, June 17, 2016

Assembly Center Arena/Tulsa,OK/June 7,1970

"Spanish Castle Magic"
"Stone Free"
"Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)" (incomplete)
"Hey Joe" (incomplete)
"I Don't Live Today"
"Foxy Lady"
"Red House" (only the tiniest snippet remains)
"Message to Love"
"Room Full of Mirrors"
"Star Spangled Banner"/"Purple Haze"
"Ezy Ryder"


The taper can be heard talking into the microphone before the concert begins. Jimi starts off with two older songs before getting into "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)". This song cuts out,and we find ourselves in the middle of "Hey Joe".

After "Freedom" an audience member can be heard yelling for "Machine Gun". Instead Jimi mentions President Nixon and plays "I Don't Live Today".

Later on Jimi delves into the new material with "Message to Love" and "Room Full of Mirrors". Unusually he plays some beautiful flamenco guitar as an intro to the "Star Spangled Banner"/"Purple Haze" duo.  "Ezy Ryder" is the final song on this tape.

The sound quality on this audience tape hovers between average and below average.

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